generacion fotovoltaica para empresas e industrias Renewable energy and energy efficiency

Greening-e is an international company

It operates in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency, offering turnkey solutions adapted to the needs of each client. Thanks to the diversification of our services and to the rigorous specialisation of our professionals, we can guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.

At Greening-e we cover the integral development of the following projects: Design, Engineering, Construction and Maintenance.

Working to build a more sustainable world

Photovoltaic solar energy is already the renewable, clean and cost-effective energy most efficient. It is considered to be the most abundant energy on the planet.

In Greening-e we work to bring the benefits of photovoltaic energy to all sectors.


Commitment to the development and application of renewable energy management and energy efficiency technologies as key elements for the sustainable evolution of our planet.


To be a leading company in the fields of clean energy and energy efficiency, which develops projects in a comprehensive manner and whose priority is customer satisfaction.


We are a global company committed to sustainability. Always focused on excellence and innovation through the development of our team’s talent.

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