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Generation systems in photovoltaic plants

A photovoltaic plant or photovoltaic power plant consists of a set of installations designed to supply electricity to the grid. Large-scale photovoltaic systems, whose function is to capture and transform solar radiation into electricity, are used.

In Greening-e we have a team specialized in the design, construction and development of this type of installations, the execution of the whole process from records management, through construction, to the subsequent maintenance of the photovoltaic plant. Our company has already developed more than 217 MWp in photovoltaic power plants so far.

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Photovoltaic plants for grid connection

In Greening-e we offer an sintegral service of photovoltaic plants development. During the Records Management process our team completes the necessary Administrative Project . Once the main administrative milestones are completed, los such as the Urban Development Compatibility Reports, the Pre-feasibility Analysis or the Environmental Impact and Public Utility Declarations, we move on to the construction phase.

In the construction process, a project is drafted in which Detailed Engineering is defined, the Project Management of the work is identified and the Project Commissioning is developed . Later, it is launched and finally, the legalization and registration of the installation is processed.

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Power installed:

42 MWp



Power installed: 

1,8 MWp


Samut Sahkon -Tailandia

Power installed:

Two Photovoltaic Plants of 6+4 MWp



Power installed:

50 MW

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At Greening-e we bring the benefits of renewable energies and energy efficiency to your organization. We are committed to develop environment-friendly strategies that also contribute to reduce electricity costs. There is a way to meet energy needs without compromising the welfare of future generations and our planet.

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