operacion y mantenimiento fotovoltaica Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

Photovoltaic productivity guaranteed with the Operation & Maintenance Service

Greening-e’s Operation & Maintenance (O&M) servicefor photovoltaic installations aims to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the installation. This service extends the lifetime of the installations and their efficiency, allowing the customer to get the most out of his investment. The actions are based on preventive maintenance to reduce corrective actions to a minimum.

Advantages of Greening-e’s Operation & Maintenance service :

Daily monitoring of the installation.

On-site visits.

Preventive maintenance approach.

Technician team specialized in O&M service.

Response in 48 hours maximum to any incident.

Monthly control reports.

Predictive maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Corrective maintenance

Activities focused on minimizing energy losses and corrective overheads

Greening-e’s Operation & Maintenance service is in charge of a total of 100 installations, representing 20 MWp.

  • Overhaul of all electrical components of the installation.
  • Active surveillance and telematic control of the installation.
  • Cleaning of the panels.
  • Control of the aging of all components.
  • Replacement of parts or components whose performance is not optimal.
  • Direct telephone communication with the Greening-e O&M team.
  • Repairs that minimize malfunction-caused production loss.
  • Minimization of consequences, such as damage to other equipment.
Operation & Maintenance Dossier Greening-e

Featured Projects

Location: Granada

Installed power:
257,12 kWp

Annual production: 430 MWh

Emission savings: 165,5 t de CO2

Location: Villanueva de Gallego (Zaragoza)

Installed power: 248,91 kWp

Annual production: 1.463 kWh

Emission savings: 121 t de CO2

Location: Madrid

Installed power: 238,6 kWp

Annual production: 357,7 MWh

Emission savings: 163,8 t de CO2

Location: El Ejido (Almería)

Installed power: 205,8 kWp

Annual production: 303,7 MWh

Emission savings: 139,12 t de CO2

Sustainable Development

At Greening-e we bring the benefits of renewable energies and energy efficiency to your organization. We are committed to develop environment-friendly strategies that also contribute to reduce electricity costs. There is a way to meet energy needs without compromising the welfare of future generations and our planet.

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