Renewable energy services

Renewable Solutions

Specialized professionals to offer the best solution to our clients.

Distributed generation: Self-consumption

Development of photovoltaic self-consumption installations. Specialized in the industrial sector.

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Utility Scale: Photovoltaic Plants

Division dedicated to selling, planning and executing of photovoltaic plants with high energy development.

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Energy Efficiency and New Technologies

Solutions for the implementation of energy saving and sustainability strategies in business.

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Operation & Maintenance

Maximizing the efficiency and productivity of photovoltaic installations.

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Featured Projects

Location: Seville (Seville)

Installed power: 2.520 kWp

Annual production : 3.850 MWh

Emission savings: 1.763.000 Kg de CO2

Location: La Murada (Alicante)

Installed power: 790 kWp

Annual production: 1.169 MWh

Emission savings: 535.402 kg de CO2

Location: Guinea (Guinea)

Installed capacity: 504,9 kWp

Annual production: 761,71 MWh

Emission savings: 348.863 kg de CO2

Location: Casablanca (Marruecos)

Installed capacity : 1.270,08 kWp

Annual production: 1.970,05 MWh

Emission savings: 788.200 kg de CO2

Sustainable Development      

At Greening-e bring the benefits of renewable energies and energy efficiency to your organization. We are committed to develop environment-friendly strategies that also contribute to reduce electricity costs. There is a way to meet energy needs without compromising the welfare of future generations and our planet.

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