We interviewed the Country Manager of Greening-e Germany, Jose Antonio Reyes Gómez: “Germany during this year 2022 has launched a brutal strategy for the next 30 years to develop photovoltaic projects and we could not miss a company like Greening-e, we have a great competitive advantage”.

Our colleague Jose Antonio Reyes will work together with the management of Greening-e and the support of all the departments of the company, to position our brand in this country. Greening-e continues to grow thanks to the commitment and involvement of our entire team and we are confident that we will be successful in every new market we explore.

Question (Q.) How did your passion for photovoltaics arise?

Answer (A.) Well, I couldn’t tell you if it was destiny or chance, but my first job was in a company in the sector and for 3 years I was able to participate in the development and construction of photovoltaic parks all over the world. Now, 10 years later, I have had the opportunity to return to the sector and I didn’t hesitate for a second. Although I come from a purely financial background, I find it very interesting and at the same time curious how such clean energy is created that can help in all sectors. You just need the key elements to make it happen.

(Q.) Six months after Greening-e landed in Germany, what were the reasons why the company wanted to open a market here?

(A.) Germany, despite being in the northern part of Europe, with all that this implies in terms of radiation (much less than in southern countries), has always shown great interest in clean energies. Now during this year 2022 they have launched a brutal strategy for the next 30 years to develop photovoltaic projects and a company with the experience and know-how such as Greening-e could not be missing. We have a great competitive advantage that will position us in the market ahead of many of our competitors.

(Q.) What are the forecasts for the solar power generation market in this country and what challenges can we expect to face?

(A.) Whenever we talk about clean energy, it is always a big challenge, basically because it is about radically changing the way we generate the energy we need in our daily lives. To be able to do this, the most important thing is to demonstrate how well it works and to create that confidence, which I think has been lost over the years.

(Q.) The urgency that Europe has been facing for some years now, now aggravated by the current crisis with Russia, to decarbonise the economy, added to the need to transform the energy system towards environmentally sustainable models, what role will photovoltaics play in achieving these objectives?

(R.) Photovoltaics will play a key role in the ecological transition. Germany, for example, wants to install more than 20GW per year by 2030, a very ambitious target, but one that would completely change the energy model.

(Q.) If you had an engineering or physics student in front of you, what would you tell him or her to orientate his or her professional career towards the world of solar energy?

(A.) I believe that the more technical careers are geared towards changing the world, and the world of solar energy offers an infinite range of possibilities to innovate and create. I would tell that student to specialise in this sector, the potential for personal and professional growth is abysmal.

Greening-e, an expert company in photovoltaic installations for energy self-consumption

At Greening-e we are committed to the development and application of energy management technologies as a key element for the evolution of renewable energies. We work to customise the solutions to suit each project and its objectives. We identify the best formulas to meet the needs of public and private companies and individuals.

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